Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When the Sky Opened

You know how sometimes people glow with goodness and happiness and peace? Somehow they get a golden beauty that is unexplainable.

I have seen it in the swollen exhausted faces of women who have just given birth. I have found it in the wrinkles and the years of Scott's Grandma's face. I have for sure seen it in toddlers and babies. I can see it in the service worn expressions of President Monson. I even saw it in my friend's face when she unexpectedly lost her husband during her 5th pregnancy. And Saturday night I saw it in the soaking wet smiles of 12,000 teenagers as they celebrated the opening of the Temple in the pouring rain. To see all those kids sacrifice comfort and convenience to be there was amazing. One of my favorite parts was at the beginning when the kids were standing all together in the rain cheering their hearts out for the Prophet. Not for a celebrity or for a rock star but for their beloved Prophet who they adore.

I think there is a chance that could be Kaden...maybe?

My younger four kids and I were huddled together on the couch watching the broadcast as the sky opened up and poured down on them. It was an unbelievably beautiful sight to see and hear. Somehow the rain only added to the power that was already there. Maybe its because I live so close, maybe its because Kaden and Scott were down at the park participating and maybe its because I love the Gilbert Temple with all my heart but I just sobbed at the sight of it all.

When it was all over I waited with my camera to hear the garage go up. I ran out side to greet them. They were so wet and so cold but they were so happy.

The next day Kaden turned on the computer and pulled his chair up close so he could watch the whole celebration start to finish. I was in and out taking care of other things but I came in and stood behind him at the very end when all the kids gathered on the field with their title of liberty's and sang Armies of Helaman. Kaden's back was toward me but I could see from the side that big teenager tears were streaming down his cheeks. This was a big deal to Kaden. Late Saturday night after a warm bath he had sat in between Scott and I in our bed. We scrolled through Scott's pictures and videos, we cried and laughed and talked about our blessings and we prayed together. Heaven was not far.

Monday morning I realized that Scott still had a bag of rain soaked clothes that the boys had left in his truck. I told him not to forget to bring them in so that I could get them all washed. He replied with a half serious smile that he wanted to leave them there a little longer so he could hang on to the feelings of the night. This was a big deal to him also.

It was awesome to be able to take Kaden and the twins to the dedication Sunday morning and to drive home past the temple knowing that it is completely finished and it has been dedicated to the Lord.

In his talk at the celebration President Eyring said to the kids,

Someday you will bring your children to this spot and tell them of the things that happened here tonight.

I am certain they will, it was pretty amazing.

And in the barren deserts there shall come forth pools of living water; and the parched ground shall no longer be a thirsty land. D&C 133:29


Jedidiah said...

I think the rain really did add to it. How often does it rain in Arizona without lightning? All day it seemed people were saying how it wouldn't rain because so many people were praying for it not to rain. I think we sometimes forget that the answer to our prayers usually isn't a change in the circumstance but a change in ourselves to better handle the circumstance. I think this is part of the process of hoping to be able to endure all things. Thanks for this post, Julz

Melanie said...

My sister Emily came home sopping wet, shivering, and sunburned (of all things) but with a huge grin and tears threatening to spill- she was absolutely glowing! She said it was a long, rough day, but she would do it again in a heartbeat because the Spirit was just so strong! I'm crying just thinking about it! What an amazing thing these kids got to experience!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Aw this is so neat to read...the photos are so wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!!

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