Monday, April 14, 2014

The Calm after the Crazy

Yesterday I started my Holy Week lessons with the kids. I love this week. I love my Savior and I feel the spirit strongest in my life when I am teaching others about him. Two lessons in and I already feel uplifted, it has been a welcome calm after a crazy weekend.

We had a wonderful time though cheering our kids on. We were so booked starting Friday night and on through Saturday. Every minute was filled. I have learned from experience that on these busy days I need to be prepared and ready ahead of time for every little detail or else I end up grouchy. Brylee and Kaden had a swim meet Friday night, I opted out of this one. Cali and I grocery shopped, cleaned up and did the laundry. I also packed Branson's gym bag and layed out towels and gathered snacks for Saturday. We had Branson's regionals gymnastics meet in Phoenix, Brylee and Kaden's splash and dash in Mesa, our wards foot rodeo in Gilbert, Scott had to meet a client at 4 to get a house listed and Kaden had committed to do cotton candy at a wedding reception that night in Tempe.

Not kidding.

Divide and conquer right?

Branson, Cali and I left for Phoenix at 7, the painters were coming at 8 to touch up the trim work so Scott had to get everything ready for them, plus Ella and the others ready for the splash and dash. It was crazy but after Kaden came in 1st place  and Brylee 2nd they rushed over to the gymnastics meet.

Gymnastics meets are LONG. I mean like 6 hours and you only get to watch your kid for about a total of 2 minutes. The rest of the time I am just trying to entertain Cali and keep her off the mats. It is exhausting. But, I am so glad to have been there. Branson was amazing. He scored his highest score ever on High Bar and did so good on all the events that he came in 1st as the 11 year old all around for the entire region. I was so surprised to hear his name that tears just started filling my eyes. Branson is normally completely stone faced on the awards stand but this time he could not contain his grin, Man! He needed that and we were all so happy for him.

We celebrated at Rainforest Café and then dropped the big kids off at the foot rodeo, Scott left for his appointment and 2 hours later I picked Kaden up to drive him to his cotton candy job. It was an insane weekend.

Maybe all the craziness is why waking up Sunday to fast, attend church and start my Easter lessons felt so good. Being a parent will literally wipe you completely out but I would not want any other life than this one.

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