Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Birthday and Mother's Day Combined

My birthday fell on Mothers Day this year. We don't have church until later in the day and so it was wonderful to sleep in and enjoy a slow morning with my family. I felt special and loved. The kids set my place at the table on my Grandma's china, the same way I do it for them on their birthday's. This was the first year it dawned on them to do that and I was so happy to see that, really truly, the good things I have tried to teach them are starting to sink in here and there.

After serving me breakfast they each gave me a hand written note and Scott filled in with new exercise clothes. Scott put in the slide show of family photos that he made for me years ago. We hadn't seen it in a long time and he and I sat and dripped tears into our laps while we watched years gone-by float across the TV screen.

Motherhood is noble and divine and I am so thankful that from my earliest days I have known that one simple truth. It is mundane and repetitive and to be honest pretty ordinary but I can think of nothing else that is mundane, repetitive and ordinary that is also completely refining and totally purposeful.

I was grateful for a day of being spoiled because getting through the last week of school is like running a marathon. Only at the end of a marathon you get a medal.

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Happy Birthday!

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