Thursday, May 8, 2014

Down With Extra Credit

I am telling you parenting these people is hard. This morning I laid in my bed begging the universe to leave me alone so I could just pretend that life wasn't waiting for me and go back to sleep. Oh there are days that feel like just a bit too much. I want to say, "go away day--your sister night, was doing just fine without you."

Yesterday the twins bounced into the kitchen after school to tell me that they were going to do the extra credit project. You know the one. Build a model of an animal cell made from entirely edible items, label each part, trash the entire kitchen and then parade that sucker back into school tomorrow--yep tomorrow.

It took all the forced goodness in me not to blurt out,

"No way, you see kids, in our family we don't do extra credit, we are barely making it on the regular credit and I don't need a bunch of over-achievers emptying out my cupboards and using a $2.99 bag of powdered sugar to make edible cytoplasm."

Forced goodness won and I acted like a big girl and bit my tongue, the extra credit was completed and the twins marched out of here this morning with gooey, sugary, edible animal cells, perched on the old cardboard of a used up cereal box. They look like this example from the internet only a lot more sloppy, messy, disorganized and whole lot more my-mom-didn't-help-me-at-all-with-this-ish.

School could not come to an end soon enough to save my ever-lovin sanity. Book reports due Friday!

I could not get up this morning. I could not. But I did. Cytoplasm and book reports and any homework for that matter is not my joy in life. But the kids that bring that stuff into my life are. More than anything I try to put my energy into teaching my kids about the gospel of Jesus Christ, you know--goodness, kindness, honesty and all of that. And I dare say I don't let a day go by that they don't hear some kind of preachin from a Mom who loves them and lets them destroy the kitchen in a noble quest for extra credit.

Nephi, being the amazing, tough, superhero that he was said that when he was teaching his horrible brothers he did exhort them with all the energies of his soul, and with all the faculty which he possessed, that they would give heed to the word of God and remember to keep his commandments always in all things. Gosh I love that! I read it the other day in a complete stupor of exhaustion over tests, homework, reports, teacher gifts, concerts, end of year parties, last minute field trips, the blasted extra credit and a whole lot of guilt over the fact that I kind of hate all of it.  I realized and felt reassured that because I am using all the energies of my soul and all the faculty I posses to teach the really important stuff always in all things it leaves me only bits left over to give to even one more spelling list.

Now only if it were true that I was giving ALL the energy of my soul and ALL the faculty that I posses. But man am I ever trying! I am certain that is what it will take in this crazy mixed up world and I am willing to give it. So now you can forgive me for biting my tongue and wishing that extra credit was never invented.

And Nephi,  Brother, what would I ever do without you?

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