Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer of Good-bye

I  did not plan on saying good-bye. Just a few weeks ago I sat squished up next to him in our church pew listening to Brylee give her Father's Day talk, his familiar hand resting on mine. Then just a month ago he stood with other men in a circle around Branson as Branson received the Priesthood.

He was my neighbor all my growing up years, he was a fireman hero, a cowboy through and through, a handsome temple worker dressed in white and he was my Grandpa. I miss him already.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Food and Music

Kaden has had a busy summer. He went to EFY and scout camp. He has been on swim team, worked out with the wrestling team and picked up a few odd jobs around our neighborhood.

But when he is not doing any of that he is playing the piano.

With food. I am always finding apple cores, chip bags and all kinds of snacks set up on the piano. If all there was in the world was food and a piano, this boy would be happy. So glad he's mine.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Biggest Catch Up Ever

It is time to write again. To record what I've missed and save up memories that I don't want to forget. I feel sad when I open up my blog and cant see the 700+ past post.  So even though I started water-marking my photos, I think I will still go back to the private setting. Let me know if you'd like an invite.

Since my last post a lot has happened.

Scott and I traveled to Hawaii. Our first trip alone in more than 5 years. That precious time together was golden. We took like 400 pictures.

This was a crazy hike through super slippery mud

Lots of beautiful empty beaches

My favorite hike! Felt so good!

My beloved Grandma Magnusson passed away. Technically she is Scott's Grandma but really mine too. If there ever was an angel that lived and breathed and walked this earth it was Grandma. I miss her so. These pictures were from the last day we saw her, just a week before she died. They are priceless to me, she looks happy, peaceful and beautiful. I love her so much.

Her house has been packed up and put on the market. This house was built by Grandpa and they lived there for 59 years. They lived a humble, simple and faithful life. A Beautiful life. I made this print to hang in my house as a reminder of what is really important and what truly makes a house a home.

Kaden got a cell phone.

Ella lost another tooth.

My little baby twins turned 12. TWELVE. Wait what? Because approximately 6 minutes ago they were 2.

Twelve marks for us a shift. 3 of our 5 children will now be in the mutual program. 2 out of 2 of my boys hold the Priesthood. Only 2 of my 5 are still in primary.

Time is quickly turning my once pack of small children into full blown house-o-teenagers. But can I just say...teenagers are so awesome! I do love me a good dose of new born but MAN these kids are a hoot. I love them and I love their friends and I love that all they need is FOOD to be happy with life.

School let out. Hello messes and swimming and friends all-the-day-long. Not to mention hair that only gets brushed on Sunday's.

Scott parents officially moved out of their home of more than 25 years. Resuming bi-monthly family dinners has been a treat.

Kaden went to EFY and LOVED it.

The boys went to scout camp only to be evacuated 2 days in due to a huge forest fire.

The girls and I spent that same week at the beach.

The fourth of July came and went. We had a great evening over at Branson's scout masters house. He has an unbelievable pool and the kids just went hog wild. I have 3 brothers in the military and I love this country with all my heart. I am so thankful to raise my family how I please in the one and only USA.

Perhaps the biggest thing that has kept me from writing is that 4 days after Scott and I returned from Hawaii our ward split and we were aligned into a newly created ward. On the very same day I was called to be the Primary President. So summer has not been the lazy-do-what-ever-we-want kind. It has been a build a Primary from scratch kind. And Holy Moly!

But this gig is awesome! And I truly already love seeing all those beautiful angel faces singing and learning about Jesus Christ. Such a gift to get to serve them! I love to do nothing more than I love serving in this glorious, true church.

I have more stories to write but for now I am as caught up as I am going to get.