Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer of Good-bye

I  did not plan on saying good-bye. Just a few weeks ago I sat squished up next to him in our church pew listening to Brylee give her Father's Day talk, his familiar hand resting on mine. Then just a month ago he stood with other men in a circle around Branson as Branson received the Priesthood.

He was my neighbor all my growing up years, he was a fireman hero, a cowboy through and through, a handsome temple worker dressed in white and he was my Grandpa. I miss him already.


Anderson Adventures said...

Oh Jules what a beautiful post ! I am at work in my lunch break and I'm in tears! I love these photos of grandpa and grandma! What a wonderful legacy he leaves and I will miss him so much! Like you said, I wasn't ready to say goodbye:(

mama bear said...

I don't think we're ever ready to say goodbye...he was a wonderful, kind man...thanks for sharing these great pictures!

Katie said...

Such a sweet post. Sorry for your loss.

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