Thursday, August 28, 2014


Before my first ward counsel as Primary President back in June, I had never heard of the term "Scripture Centurion." A Scripture Centurion is someone who memorizes all 100 scripture masteries. That's 25 from each book: Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, New Testament and Old Testament. You have to take a test where you are given key words from each scripture and you have to fill in the reference without a single mistake and you have to complete it in 12 minutes or less. Our Bishop challenged our ward counsel members to become Scripture Centurions and later that same Sunday he challenged all the youth to do it. He gave the second week in August as the deadline. 

I love the scriptures. I love the language and the symbolism and the stories. But let me tell you my brain works in letters and words and sentences and NOT in numbers. As I started memorizing, all the numbers just became a jumble in my head. Kaden and I started on the same day and in the first week he had memorized 50 scriptures and I had memorized 10.

Over the summer Kaden went on to master all 100 scriptures. I would find him in bed late at night with his stack of flash cards, he worked on them on the 6 hour drive to California and in the week before his test he and I spent many hours at the kitchen table running through the verses and references. We came up with dozens of tricks to help him remember different numbers and our home was literally filled with the spirit of the scriptures as Kaden prepared for his test. Every spare minute was devoted to that stack of flashcards.

The youth take their test at Seminary and so I text Kaden at the hour I knew he would be taking the test.

"Did you pass?"

I received a simple, one word answer...


It was a joyful day to say the least. I am so proud of Kaden for doing this. It was hard! It took many hours but I know having those 100 scriptures burned into his heart and mind will bless him forever. 

Well Done Kaden, you are amazing.

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