Friday, August 8, 2014

My Hero-Swimming Edition

Wow, am I ever behind with life. This summer has been brutal. Two funerals. A new calling. Lots of baby-sitting. This may be the first time that my tears on the first day of school will be tears of joy instead of sad tears. Because the very thought of a few hours each day, with just Cali to keep up with,  is enough to make me weep.

But I need to write this.

When we filled our new pool with water last August I was nearly paralyzed with anxiety over it. Cali could not swim even a little bit and she was not at all afraid of the water. If the gate was open she ran for the deep end and jumped in with out any reservation or concern for her life. I was in a constant state of alertness as to where she was, where the pool key was and even if she was just playing out back with the lock on the gate, I felt panicked. As winter rolled in and the water in the pool turned icy, my fear increased, I could hardly look at the pool without thinking horrible thoughts about dark, freezing water and drowning accidents. And then as swim season started this year I did not let Cali near the pool without these huge floats strapped on to her and me with in arms reach. And by the way, she knew how to wiggle her little self right out of these floats so they didn't give me a whole lot of comfort.

But almost everyday Brylee took Cali out to swim. Sometimes for 20 minutes and sometimes for hours. They practiced, and played and did lessons.

And little by little Cali learned to swim. She is a full swimmer now, and can make it from one end to the other and back with out any trouble.

I don't worry so much about the pool anymore.

Brylee is my hero. I lover her so.


Katie said...

Big sisters are the BEST!!

Lindsay Wood said...

You can never really stay calm about possible accidents that may happen, let alone ignore them, especially when you’re a mom. Anyway, It was very nice of Brylee to teach her little sister how to swim. Now I bet your the worries about accidents on the pool is somewhat diminished. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post, Julianne!

Lindsay Wood @ PoolShopWA

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