Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer's End

As the kids and I pulled out to head back to the condo at the end of July I felt sad. I cried into my lap all the way to Gila Bend and then again from Gila Bend to Yuma. The day before I had said my last good-bye to my sweet Grandpa West. It was 2 days of heart break and sorrow but also a peaceful and beautiful celebration of his good life. I called Scott late Friday after the viewing and told him that it was amazing to see the different groups of people that my Grandpa's life had touched. Cowboys with their boots and hats, firemen with their strong shoulders and humble demeanor, old temple workers with soft smiles, lifelong neighbors and friends, all the little great grandchildren running around happy and playing, us older grand-kids sniffling and sobbing and laughing at our memories of being roped in the back yard, and my Mom and her siblings struggling to say good-bye to their hero. How I love him and will miss him!

I was also sad because once again I was leaving for a "family" trip without my whole "family." So frustrating! Scott and I have sworn to get our whole family on some kind of trip before the years end. We must!

But nothing will lift your spirits like playing on the sandy beach with your kids.

I even spent two afternoons out in the waves boogie boarding and attempting to surf. I will never forget Branson's protectiveness. "Mom, your too deep!" "Mom, are you OK?" "Mom, you are getting sucked out come back!" "Mom, here comes a big one, go under it!" His grip on my boogie board was so tight his knuckles were white.

So sweet and all my big kids were so proud anytime I caught a good wave in. They actually acted proud AND shocked. Sometimes I think I should remind them that I was once an all-star softball player, a marathon runner, an elite weight lifter,  a rim to rim hiker, a varsity cheerleader and volleyball player. HUMMM...maybe its time to get out some pictures. I am pretty sure they view me now as a flabby old Mom that is only really good at sitting on the sidelines in my lawn chair.

After our sunny, sandy week on the beach we headed for home and got everyone back in school. Life just keeps moving constantly like all those ocean waves, it never stops. Sometimes,  I can hardly believe the changes those waves of time leave in their tide. It can be hard to see another summer go and people we love move on to the other side but MAN am I ever thankful for the golden moments of goodness and love and saltwater that I get to keep in my heart forever. Life is really so very good.


Katie said...

Love a good trip to the beach!

Anderson Adventures said...

Great post and beautiful pictures captured of your kids!

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