Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Heaven

How grateful I am for long weekends. Last Wednesday I sat down to return emails and work on Sharing Time and it hit me that the upcoming long weekend would be the only time that Kaden could get away from swim team and school work for the foreseeable future. Scott is also in his busy season so family time has all but vanished for us and it is breaking my heart.

I called Scott and TOLD him to be ready to leave for the weekend by Friday after work. I dropped off my finished Sharing Time lesson, got a load of snacks at the store, packed us up and by late Friday we were headed North.

Even though it always takes my sweet dears a little while to settle in and stop saying things like, "stop looking at me", "you are breathing too loud", "scoot over"...even though it still felt so good to have us ALL together and isolated for a spell.

My Mom works in Show Low on the weekdays so her place would be vacant for the weekend so we took advantage and moved our selves right in. The next day we drove the road to Sunrise and had a wonderful time doing the activities there.

 The ski lift was just amazing. So beautiful and peaceful.

Riding horses was my favorite thing of the whole weekend. Cali has cowgirl genes in her and she loved it. She stuck out her bottom lip and cried when it was time to get off. The whole ride I was thinking of my Grandpa and all the times riding horses with him when I was growing up. He was there with us that day...I know for sure.

Tube rides!

Sunrise has a lift jump that the big kids loved. They land on a huge inflated cushion. So fun!

And now I am depressed. We need more family time. I am reassessing our life and trying to see what to cut out and where I can fit in little trips, board games and more dinners together. My time with them is short and I have to do better. I loved having this weekend away.

It was my kind of Heaven.

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Denise said...

I am so bothered that you didn't call me. We were up there!!

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