Thursday, October 30, 2014

Going For a Ride

Branson is gone from home quite a bit. He has school, scouts and gymnastics that keep him away. I wish he was home more. But I will admit that he is happiest when he is on the go. He NEVER watches TV, never sits still and hardly ever wants any down time. I recognized this personality trait in him early on and signed him up for gymnastics as a way to help him get all that crazy energy out. Little did I know all those years ago that one little gym class one day a week would turn into Gymnastics Team 5 days a week.

In the mornings he is speedy quick getting ready for school and then while he waits for the rest of us he takes Cali out for rides on the wiggle car. Branson can be such a great big brother. He knows how to take care of kids and he is so good at keeping them entertained. He is also so good at teasing. So good. Heaven help me endure the teasing. Amen.

Even with all that teasing (that he totally inherited from his Dad) he still wraps himself around m heart, I sure love that kid. 

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