Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween and My Rules Regarding It

Not that long ago Halloween cost me too much money and too much stress. SO many costumes to organize, classroom treats to send in , parties to help with, carnivals to attend, "You've been Boo'd" treats to return, pumpkins to carve, candy to buy, buckets to remember. And then Halloween and I we had a little talk. I gave Halloween some boundaries and I told him to BACK OFF. And now Halloween and I get along much better.

My rules for Halloween.

If its not in the costume bucket or you cant put it together mostly by yourself from things we already have then you cant be it.

After the ward Halloween party you get to pick a few favorite candies and the rest gets dumped back in MY bucket to pass out on Halloween. Saving money and time and dental bills. A three fold WIN WIN. You WILL be OK since that bucket will get filled right back up on Halloween Night.

If the costume is itchy, hot or uncomfortable or has 5000 props its a NO. I have traipsed around on Halloween night carrying everything from discarded beards, swords, wands, wigs, shoes, and whole bodies of children who have lost their will to take one more step.

You WILL eat before you trick or treat and you will have a water bottle in your bucket. Thus sparing me from the melt down that occurs 3 blocks in--in the form of "I AM SO THIRSTY WHAAAA!"

If you sign up to bring something to your class it must be paper plates or the like. Something that can be easily bought and easily thrown in a back pack.

If you have perfectionism in your veins then lets just skip the whole pumpkin carving trauma. Your blood pressure and my ability to be patient will thank-you.

I probably have more rules about this somewhat weird and annoying holiday but I will have to make those up as I go. For now Halloween is simple and easy and almost free. And by some miracle there were less than 300 events that my children had to dress up for this year so that's something to rejoice about.

Arent they cute...

Maybe I will get a picture of the other three tonight. And if not, life will go on. And as for you Halloween, I would appreciate you not coming back for ONE whole year.

BONUS: Ella lost a top tooth yesterday making her smile perfectly suited for her witch getup!

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