Thursday, October 23, 2014

Love Love

I live a simple life. I am up early with Kaden, I get him off to A hour and then I start the whole process over with the middle three and then Cali and I do chores, make dinner, mop floors, fold laundry, grocery shop, visit teach, calender and wait for the school kids. I try not to make too many commitments or be running around town too often since I think its best for little ones to have lots of consistency and lots of chances to play instead of being strapped in a car seat or a grocery cart.

When Cali really likes something she tells me about it by saying "love, love".

Mom, I love love the big park.
I love love Popsicle.
I love love fersghetti. (Most kids say bsghetti for spaghetti but Cali says fersghetti and who on earth would correct that? It's too cute to fix.)
I love love ride my bike.
I love love read a story.

But lately her biggest "love, love" is painting. She goes-for-it with the paint and usually creates the most amazing pieces of art work.

I love love my Cali girl.

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