Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Parry Romberg

Do you ever stay out of a picture because you cant bear to face all the flaws? If I was being perfectly honest I would say that I mostly always stay out of pictures. I have Parry Romberg Syndrom on the left side of my face and when I look in the mirror or at a picture of my self I just see Parry Romberg. The sagging eye, the shifting crooked teeth, the thin damaged tissue near my mouth, the asymmetrical balance of my face. I am in so few pictures with my kids--so sad.

And then we went and had family pictures last week. The whole process of family pictures is SO unfun. I only do it every 3 to 4 years because the level of difficulty is like at a 10 point 0 for sure. 10 point 5000 even. Only this year--it wasn't. My kids are big enough to get themselves dressed and most importantly big enough to take a bribe. You gotta love a good family picture day bribe. "You want to fly to the moon, okay great we'll arrange that,  just smile kid!"

My good friend did most of the hard work but Scott and I snapped a few on the side that I have started to sift through and edit. Even though I still look at this picture and see Parry Romberg Syndrom I also see three amazing beautiful girls that love me AND my flaws. They are the world to me. The world and so much more. Parry Romberg and the heart ache it has brought has nothing on that.


Hailey Cox said...

You're so beautiful and have always been! Never think anything different!

mama bear said...

Amen to Hailey's comment!

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