Thursday, October 16, 2014

Remember These Things

To Kaden,

Remember that one Monday, of your 9th grade year, when all the other kids had school but you didn't. You and I did all the house work, we cleaned bathrooms together and we talked about basic house cleaning skills that you will need for your mission and for life in general. And for a moment my heart hurt because I know that I am bringing you up only to let you go.  I loved my work that day. You made it wonderful and enjoyable. Try to remember our time together doing ordinary things on an ordinary day, I know I will.

To Brylee,

Remember the October break where you and I played endless games with Cali and Ella. We swam with them in the pool and read like a million stories to them. Remember how we worked together on your Personal Progress and made your Evening of Excellence poster. And don't ever forget how you and I scrambled around at the last minute to get Cali and Ella and you and me ready to go to Evening of Excellence. I loved seeing you shine as you talked about your project. Dont forget how you felt and dont forget that I loved every second of being there with you.

To Branson,

Remember that day that you and the neighbor boy spent many hours collecting the side walk trash and making a "ride" out of it. You used your imagination and your energy and your homegrown building skills. Remember that the next day we babysat Lainey, Lettie and Titan and you tied a rope to the ride, hitched it to your bike and spent hours giving these little cousins rides around the block. That was really nice of you, I want you to remember how that felt. I want you to remember your legs burning and the sweat beading on your forehead. Kindness can be hard work but it feels so good.

To Ella,

Remember how when you were 7 and Cali was 3 you asked her to come with you every time you played out back and every time you took a bath. Remember that she thinks you are the prettiest and funnest friend in the world. Remember how it feels when you practice reading with her and how it feels every night to snuggle up next to her while you fall asleep. You wont always get to sleep right next to that sweet baby sister so don't forget how great it was. Dont forget the fun we have at the park together and always remember that sisters are the best kind of friends.

To Cali,

If I could I would make sure you remember these days of so much time together, just me and you. I know that you will grow up, so I want you to know that me and you are special companions. We go everywhere together and I am so glad that I can still hold you anytime I want. I am so glad that you are here with me each day. I will always remember this time with you, I hope you will remember some of it too.

Sweet kids of mine, remember that its the everyday, mundane and ordinary things that make up most of life. Live those days faithfully and happily. Pretty soon you will look back and realize that little things, daily things, normal things were the most important things. How you treat people, how you love God and how you do your ordinary duty is most important. Remember these things.

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