Friday, October 24, 2014

This Girl's Mother

Brylee is home today. Sometimes a girl just needs a day with her Mom. Sometimes a Mom just needs a day with her girl.

Way back before the world began I must have done something good that granted me the honor of being this girl's Mother. She is good to her core, kind and fun and pretty. I wish she was home everyday.

There is a boy in our neighborhood who has an open crush on Brylee. He professes his feelings quite openly and Brylee can hardly stand the embarrassment of it all. On Saturday I had just finished getting her ready for family pictures. She looked angelic. She was glowing. I walked with her down stairs to show her to Scott and as he was telling her how beautiful she looked, the door bell rang. Knowing it was likely a neighbor kid I called out--"whoever it is send them away, we have to go soon." Brylee-in all her glory-opened the front door. It was the poor kid who has a major crush on Brylee. It was pretty hilarious from our stand point to see him stammer over his request to see Branson. (Yeah, nice try, we know who you came to see kid)  I can just imagine for this adolescent boy that the slow motion, music in the back ground, fire works, scene shot off in his very soul.

Brylee shut the door and we all busted up laughing.

I am so glad that for now those boys are not even on her radar. I am so glad that she is still all mine and that her heart still belongs to her Dad. Someday her heart will move on but mine never will. I sure love that sweet girl.

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