Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wet Weekend

I had a lovely weekend. Of which I don't have any pictures. I am the last living inhabitant of America to NOT own a smart phone. My old phone does little more than call and text and sometimes gets in a mood and wont even do that. SO, since I refuse to lug my huge camera around and my phone only takes teeny tinny unseeable photos, I just enjoy my life and forget the photos. Which I usually regret.

Friday night I took the kids to the school carnival. One of the many reasons that I love our school is that we only have one fund raiser ALL YEAR!

Gone are the days of taking my kids fund raiser packets and throwing them straight in the trash because I hate them. Dear fund raising packets, you are NOT welcome in my life and I here-by ban you for eternity.  Gone are the days of yanking my kids out of school on the day of "you can win a limo ride if you sell 500 tubs of cookie dough" assembly. Those things should be outlawed.

Nope just one little school carnival. I can handle that. Cali spent the whole time at the little petting zoo. Ella cried, begged, and generally made herself miserable until, blessed be the heavens above, she found a friend and ran off.

Branson was gone before I put the car in park and Brylee had to work the whole thing because she thought it would be fun to be on student counsel. She fell asleep approximately 30 seconds after getting home. Scott and I were able to sneak away after that for a late dinner and then on Saturday it rained. Which here in the desert just makes for an automatic good mood. We rented two red box movies and let the thunder out our door carry on while we all crashed on the couch. Good stuff. Brylee and I then put dresses on and headed out for the General Womens Conference of our church. So good and so inspiring. Then we made a quick dash through the rain, got dinner and then dessert mind you. We had a great time together. I have the best big girl in the whole world.

Sunday was our Primary Program. It was a slice of Heaven. I loved everything about it. As I crouched down on that itty bitty nursery chair, next to the pulpit, I felt such a surge of love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And for all those lovely children that I have the pleasure of loving each week.

And now I am totally ready for October Break and then when October break is over I will be totally ready to send those kiddos the heck back to school. I have come to a good place in my life where I am happy to have the school kids home on the days off and happy to send them back. I don't panic anymore about what they are facing and dealing with while they are away. Nope! Instead I have decided that I have raised some pretty brave and good kids, they are able to face it and win. And besides, parenting is beyond exhausting and I need that mental break, I do. There I said it!

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