Thursday, November 6, 2014

Like a Leaf in Fall

Ella is dropping teeth like a tree drops leaves in the fall. First they wobble, then they get really loose and then they dangle like an old grape on the vine, and then they drop. Never will she let any of us near her mouth for fear we will not be able to hold back a pull those suckers out. Her fear is justified.

I sent her to school the other day like this...

When she came home the tooth was hanging even more precariously and she told me that at one point in the day her fellow 1st graders started chanting, "pull it out, pull it out!" I thought that it was the most hysterical story of 1st grade ever. But she refused still to yank that thing. Nope she is a stubborn woman and waited patiently until it dropped on its own.

Having a toothless 7 year old just in time for the holiday's (All I want for Christmas...) is totally awesome.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November-My Favorite Month

I love November. It is the best month of them all. The Arizona weather is golden, cool breezes and a warm favorite. I also became a Mother in November,  pushing November over the top to take the big win for best ever.

Plus, I love practicing and being and remembering to be thankful. I am convinced that gratitude and happiness are one in the same. When I am grateful it sure is hard to be jealous or sad or frustrated. Gratefulness is just the best way to contentment.

After 3 good years with my old, basic phone it was time for a replacement. I am really enjoying having a phone that takes pictures! Just a quick scroll through the photo roll reminds me how lucky and blessed I am.

Ella once again came in first for the girls in her fun run! Such a crack up to see this little Priss get so competitive.

I love that our school celebrates Holidays. On Halloween all the kids and teachers dress up and have parties and parades. Its so old-school and classic and I love it. Its one of the days of the year that I always sign up to help at, mostly because it is hilarious to see so many costumes and kids and candy all over the place. And this year did not disappoint.

Ella and all her little 1st grade girlfriends are very into playing patty-cake games. I totally remember loving these same exact games. Right now they are all obsessed with...Lemonade clap clap clap, Ice tea, clap clap clap, Coco-cola clap clap clap, Pepsi, turn around touch the ground kick your best friend out of town."

So the highlight if my day was when Ella was approached by a boy in her class fully outfitted as a power ranger and played the Lemonade patty-cake game all loud and proud. He knew it perfectly.  I laughed till I cried.

And it helps to be super cute, you get bonus treats at the snack table...

BUT by the end of Halloween night when my kids have been partying for exactly 12 solid hours they are pooped and Ella was going all phyco-tired and miserable by about the first 2 houses of trick or treating. Cali on the other hand was napped and ready and she made the most of trick or treating by using the phrase "Do you have a treat for me?" at every house  instead of "Trick or Treat".


I never did get a picture of my twin lifeguards and Kaden who had been at a swim meet all day was such a good sport to help cart Cali around.

On Sunday we had stake conference and then we had a steak dinner picnic. Steak on stake Conference...get it.

So much to be thankful for and now I think I will be better at getting those moments captured.

We can choose to be grateful, no matter what. This type of gratitude transcends whatever is happening around us. It surpasses disappointment, discouragement, and despair. It blooms just as beautifully in the icy landscape of winter as it does in the pleasant warmth of summer. When we are grateful to God in our circumstances, we can experience gentle peace in the midst of tribulation. In grief, we can still lift up our hearts in praise. In pain, we can glory in Christ’s Atonement. In the cold of bitter sorrow, we can experience the closeness and warmth of heaven’s embrace. This is not a gratitude of the lips but of the soul. It is a gratitude that heals the heart and expands the mind. Dieter Uchdorf