Thursday, November 6, 2014

Like a Leaf in Fall

Ella is dropping teeth like a tree drops leaves in the fall. First they wobble, then they get really loose and then they dangle like an old grape on the vine, and then they drop. Never will she let any of us near her mouth for fear we will not be able to hold back a pull those suckers out. Her fear is justified.

I sent her to school the other day like this...

When she came home the tooth was hanging even more precariously and she told me that at one point in the day her fellow 1st graders started chanting, "pull it out, pull it out!" I thought that it was the most hysterical story of 1st grade ever. But she refused still to yank that thing. Nope she is a stubborn woman and waited patiently until it dropped on its own.

Having a toothless 7 year old just in time for the holiday's (All I want for Christmas...) is totally awesome.

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