Friday, December 5, 2014

November Catch Up

Wow, I get behind in a hurry! I have been absolutely drowning in my life these days. We have all the end of semester HUGE projects and concerts. We celebrated Kaden's 15th birthday (be still my heart). We had his swim team banquet, Scott has been adjusting to full time Real Estate after 20 years working in the printing industry, we have been trying to get ready for Christmas, plus my Mom and Dad's birthdays and Scott's and I am running Primary. I was at my computer for an entire 6 hours Monday solely catching up on Primary. Wow! Oh and constant laundry/groceries/cooking/cleaning. Sometimes I wish I could call a cease fire on clothes and food. I would gladly go hungry and wear the same clothes for a few days to spare myself the work and I wish I could get my family to do the same once in a while. OK kids no eating this week, I am taking a break. You don't mind do you? HA!

Kaden is so fun to celebrate. He is an amazing boy and I LOVE being his Mom. No complaints here. He had a bunch of friends over and I embarrassed him a bit by plastering photos of him all over our sliding glass door. After they were all up I stood in front of the window and cried. Scott came up behind me, put his hands on my shoulders and whispered, "Do you miss that baby boy?" Which just sent me into another round of sobs.

Brylee and I have been reading Anne of Green Gables together. Which is a delight by itself. She has also been participating in a performing strings group this semester and did awesome in her recital.

We decided to take off for Thanksgiving so we packed up and headed to California. It was such a good decision! The weather was perfect and we loved spending the day at Knotts and having our Thanksgiving dinner there. It was a true feast and we loved it! We also spent a day at the beach and our last day at the Santa Monica Pier which is a crazy place but the kids loved it!

My favorite part was Thanksgiving morning. We gathered around our little hotel room and I gave a simple lesson on Gratitude. I used the Thankful Tree and showed them how barren and empty life is when we aren't grateful and then we added all our"thankful leaves" and they could see how life is full, colorful and beautiful when you remember to be thankful. Sometimes my lessons are complete flops and everyone fights and complains and I feel defeated. But this was one of those times when the spirit was strong, the kids listened intently and heaven was near.

We also stopped by the LA temple where my parents were married, it's HUGE. And then we stopped no less than 120 times on our way home for a variety of issues, it was a horrible long drive but worth every mile.

Life whirls around me so fast sometimes and to fit in everything seems impossible. IS IMPOSSIBLE.  Especially at Christmas time. But I am most content when I just focus on the most important things. I don't worry too much about a perfect Christmas Tree or a perfect appearance. For the Lord looketh upon the heart, and He is who matters. I want my day to day life and my holiday season to be focused on Him. I am trying to do that and when I fail, I try again the next day.