Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tender Mercy-Ella Edition

My mornings are pretty busy. I start at 5:30 and go at full speed all the way until 7:45 when I drop the second batch of school kids off. Today was no different except that Scott's schedule today allowed him to drop the kids at school on his way out. After making all the breakfast, all the lunches, reading scriptures, having prayers, doing hair and finding some shoes everyone was rushing past me in a mad dash for the car. Even Scott grabbed his plate of food off the counter and made a run for it. I followed after my crew with Cali perched in my arms when an unexpected wave of sadness hit me square in the heart. All in one quick moment I felt like I had been the maid and the assistant and now everyone was off to their lives without even a look back my way.

And then in the same moment of that thought, Ella turned around and ran back to my side and squeezed me around the waste...."Love you Mom, bye!"

I nearly cried at the immediate tender mercy that followed a really heart breaking feeling. To be fair Scott and the others are usually very good about saying thank-you's, I love you's and have a good day's. But everyone has had a really busy week and I have had that "left in the dust" feeling a bit. Sweet Ella, I sure love that kindhearted little beauty.

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