Friday, January 30, 2015

To Some of my Favorite Girls

I love this pictures of my little girls with three of their girl cousins from Christmas Break. I felt so happy that these 5 were getting to spend the day together in their Grandma's back yard, pretending and eating Popsicles. It was a warm beautiful winter day. Arizona has magical weather sometimes where the air is cool but the sun is warm and it is absolutely glorious.

I love these girls. Brookie on the left has an especially special place in my heart mostly because she really needs it. Her life is not an easy one and I want her to know that she will always have a safe place with me. My other two beautiful nieces have all the love in the world already but I would still do anything for them. And my own two little pixies are my very heart and soul. I want these girls to grow up into strong capable women. I want them to believe with all their hearts that motherhood and caring for others is noble.

-It is so NOBLE-

I am certain that there will come a day when every single human soul will have a full understanding that motherhood is the ultimate profession. It is hard. If you think about it most people are used to a life that is all about them. Their job, their pay check, their education, their health, their friends, their sleep, their next trip, their new outfit. Its normal. But being a Mother propels you into the world of someone else's health, clothes, food, sleep, education. Someone else's EVERYTHING. And there just inst anything easy about that. But the beauty of it is, that when you are someone else's everything they become your everything and in that process you become more than you ever could have living for yourself.

Second, I want these girls to be gentle and kind in a world that is harsh and demanding. I want them to think of others in a world OBSESSED with SELF. I want them to be modest in a world that tells them to show it all. I want them to keep some of their happiest moments and some of their most precious feelings close to their hearts instead of everywhere on the internet.

I want them to be refined and happy. I want them to be "wise as serpents and harmless as doves" as it says in Mathew. When I look at this beautiful picture of 5 precious daughters of God, I get the feeling that these sweet girls have a future as bright as that warm Arizona day. I sure love them. And I have all the confidence in the world that they will be become amazing women.

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