Monday, February 9, 2015

Good Old Normal Life

What do you do in the 10th hour of being the sole responsible adult for a TON of LITTLE kids. You gather up a stack of plastic cups a bundle of spoons and you go to the sand volleyball court. And you stay there until the last possible minute of the day. Good Times!

Cali discovered the snow clothes. She looked so awesome and I am pretty sure I wore that snow vest in 1983.

Kaden got new jeans that fit him perfectly and since my Mom is the jeans police he posed for a picture to send her.

We got to keep this little champ for part of last week and he fit in perfectly!

Spent like 4 hours on Saturday helping these two with a scout assignment. Hated the assignment but loved the time with my two very handsome boys. Don't they looked thrilled!

Brylee came with me to the park the other day and we had the most lovely time chatting and reading Anne of Avonlea. Her bun from early that morning still looked great and so I needed a picture. I am so lucky to have this girl in my life!

Ella LOVES cooking shows. She watches Chopped and "Cut Throat Kitchen" on Net Flicks everyday. She gets out the bowls and whisks and pretends to be a fancy Chef. This was "soap soup".

Ella likes to have Scott and I pose for pictures. I love Cali looking on in the background...

Busy, crazy, wonderful Normal Life. Gotta Love it!
These are words to live by...

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Hailey Cox said...

Sounds nice :) What a cute family you've got!

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