Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Very Love Her

Oh my little Cali J! How we love her! It was so fun to celebrate her 4th birthday last week. She had been anxiously awaiting her big day for a long time. She had her little friends over for a "heart" party...

and then on her actual birthday we gave her a few gifts, ate cake and ice cream with Lanny and Grandpa and then took her to ride bikes at "the Big park". Discovery Park which is her very most favorite place to play of all time.

Cali is a kindhearted soul. She loves to be the one asked to "please go get.....". She will jump right up and run for it. She is super athletic and can climb anything. She loves with her whole heart, she is always professing her love for us. My favorite is when she presses her nose hard up against my cheek and says, "I very love you Mom."

After Discovery we stopped for sub sandwiches and then we let Cali stroll the isles of Petco. She loved all the nasty rodents, lizards and fish. She is an easy girl to please and doesn't need much to be content. In fact her favorite gift was a 98 cent container of bubbles. Cali has the best sisters and they really adore her. Ella who Cali calls Alla is her best friend and Brylee who Cali calls Brawlee cares for Cali like a second mother. The boys love to tease her to pieces, lift her above their heads to "fly" and generally get her giggling or screaming about something.

Cali Girl, our family would simply be lost with out you. I very love you...heart and soul.

Happy Birthday

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