Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shot Day

I reached a milestone today. My last kid went for kindergarten shots. We are done with major immunizations. Just the boosters at 11 which are a total cinch. I sobbed the very first time I took a baby for shots. Sobbed. Right there in the doctors office. I wish I could talk to that young 20 year old Mamma and give her a hug. I would tell her that she was going to get this hard thing and a million more figured out. I would tell her that she was doing just fine.

But even with all my years of practice I still dread shot day and Cali hated the whole ordeal. Cried from the start of the appointment all the way down to the 5 awful pokes. I took her straight for an ice-cream cone afterward but to no avail...

Poor baby girl.

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