Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Work Works

Branson has gymnastics everyday. I drive him there and we get to spend those 15 minutes chatting and catching up. I love that time with Branson. He is the type of kid that is one way when he is in the mix of 5 kids and a completely different way when he is one on one with Scott or I.

I wish I would have been better over the years about writing down a snippet here or there from our car ride conversations. Yesterday on our way to gym I was telling him what a good job he and Kaden had done putting up the Presidents Day flags in our neighborhood. As I was complimenting him on his work he said,

"Mom, I do a lot of hard things."

So we talked about 4 hour gym workouts and early morning scout commitments and 5:30am temple trips each week. We talked about how these hard things are shaping him into a strong a capable man. We talked about how no one ever became anything great or amazing or better by taking the easy road.

President Monson said, "There is no substitute for hard work."

There really isn't and I am glad that Branson knows this at twelve. And I am sure thankful for a 15 minute stretch of road that has added up over the years and turned into hours and hours with my boy.

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