Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break (SORTA!)

So I was jipped out of Spring break this year. Kaden had last week off and the other kids have this week off so I had NO week off. Frustrating. I really need those breaks from the morning school routine and this time I didn't get that and it hurts! The only day all of my kids had off was Monday and so we hit the favorite Arizona spot and a place I have spent many (so many) happy hours with my kids.

Tuesday, the girls and I saw Cinderella and then Wednesday the kids and I went to the zoo and picked up 2 extra cousins for the rest of the week. My big kids make my life so easy these days. They helped so so so much, I don't know how I ever did it with out big kids.

Thursday, I chased the whole bunch of them around Discovery Park and by the time dinner and baths were done I had that deep, deep, aching tired that hits when you have been going at full speed for way too long. Trying to divide yourself between all the needs and all the responsibilities. Lots of fun in these types of weeks but OH SO EXHAUSTING! I went to bed thinking that there was no way I would wake up with the energy to continue on with my life. It was all over and I just needed to sleep ummm...forever.

YET...I was up at 5;30 with Kaden and then took 9 kids, mine and 5 extra cousins to our favorite public pool for the day. I love how the Lord renews me with just the rising of the sun and the feeling that a new day can give. The weather was AMAZING and I felt so content as the day wore on with nothing more than chlorine, snacks, sunblock and a whole lot of swimming.

I have learned that I don't need much to create happy memories for my kids. We weren't elaborate in our plans but we were together and outside and enjoying life and that is what matters in the end.

I love my job...the hard and the beautiful.

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