Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stuff to Remember

I wish I knew how many sunsets I have spent out in front of my house house watching kids rides bikes. Draining out the last of the day and the last of our energy peddling and playing in the last golden hours of dusk. My kids ride their bikes barefoot so the bottoms of their feet turn black and the hair do's from earlier in the morning are hardly recognizable but I love these bike riding hours. I love that my only job is to clap and smile and yell "car!"

The other day Cali settled onto the couch to watch cartoons. When I walked by she was perched perfectly in our little sun spot that comes in from the east window in the stair case. She kept saying that she was in "the warm place." It was so sweet and reminded me how precious my time is with them while they are little, before school, friends, homework and stress filter into their lives. I hope that my kids will always feel like home is a warm sunny spot to escape the pressures of life.

We took the kids ice blocking the other night and it was a total success! Everyone loved it and all my kids were surprisingly really good at it.

The kids had Dr. Seuss Day at school. Lets be clear...I DO NOT like school dress up days. CANT STAND them. I have lived through my fair share of crazy hair days, crazy sock days, wacky Wednesday days, spirit days, and all those other (throw a total kink in my morning days). I was dreading Dr. Seuss day where-in the kids are supposed to dress up like a Dr. Seuss character. Ummm, no thank-you, I can hardly get through it on Halloween why are we doing this to ourselves!? SO I pretended I didn't know a thing about Dr. Seuss day and hoped that Ella would forget. She DID NOT forget. But I was quick and clever and as always simple minded and threw this little get up together in 5 seconds. We didn't have a red and white stripped hat, but thank the stars above, Ella didn't seem to bothered by that.

I have no picture to prove it but the other night while I was in the office working on Primary I heard the following go down.

Branson: Cali!! Did you just sniff a popcorn kernel up your nose??
Cali: Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Branson: Here let me look up your nose with my light pen.
Cali: Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Branson: (While holding down a nostril) Blow Cali!
Branson: NO!! Dont sniff! Blow!

Cali blew, Branson held down the other nostril and out shot the kernel. ER visit averted thank-you.

Happy Thursday! I have been thinking about these wise words a lot lately!

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