Thursday, April 30, 2015

Laying Down on the Job

Sometimes when Kaden practices the piano I lay on the couch next to him and listen.

A few Sunday's ago we were eating dinner at Scott's parents house and Kaden was playing the piano while we got dinner ready. Scott's Mom, said to me, "You are going to miss that music when he leaves on his mission."

Boy am I.

I also love spending the last of our spring afternoons laying on the hammock with my two little girls.

Seems I  can get a whole lot of good stuff accomplished as a Mother just by laying down!

"Sleeping is nice, but lying down next to you is even better"
                                                                             Sam Brunel 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Things to Remember

"Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize that they were the big things." Robert Brault

I feel like having a camera in my pocket allows me to enjoy all those little things that in the end make up most of life. Such a luxury.

Cali spent a week stacking our stacking cups into giant pyramids. She was always so proud of her stack. As for me, I got super sick of cups being scattered ALL over the place...

Cali was the BEST partner for some Easter baking. That Girl loves herself some treats!

For as long as I can remember my brothers have been boxing in the backyard. It's pretty gross. A couple Sunday's ago Kaden got the chance to get in on the action. My kind-hearted boy and boxing just don't go together in my motherly opinion.

Cali is super good at putting away the silverware.

These 3 are becoming best friends more and more. They are so funny together and spend those long drives to California hogging the whole middle seat, eating a million snacks and being giant goofballs. (It is so annoying by mile 200 and I usually ban them from each other at that point, the volume level can just be unbearable!)

Ella and Brylee just recently started piano lessons. This day I just cracked up at Ella's ALL pink outfit, I texted her teacher this picture and said, "She is on her way, watch for the one in all pink." Wear it proud Girl!

The other day Cali got upset over a sidewalk chalk infraction and she scratched Ella. I talked to her about not scratching and then set her in the hall for a little "time out". After a few minutes I told her that as soon as she was ready to say "sorry" she could get up. That stubborn little pixy refused and Ella was so bored without her that she joined her in time out and gently coaxed her to say sorry. I really enjoyed this whole conversation, so sweet and super funny too. A couple days later I brought up the scratching incident and said, "You will never scratch again, right?" Cali got very serious and said, "Mom, please don't say that." Too painful to remember I guess. 

Cali and cousin Brinlee went swimming and could barely keep their eyes open in the bright spring sun shine.

Every once in a while I still see that sweet twin connection in Brylee and Branson. He may be a tough boy and he wouldn't admit it but he sure needs his twins sister.

I need to do a whole post about my new clothes folding system. But lets just say that it has changed my life! And Cali is learning to be a great folder! She is 4 and is a total BOSS at folding. SO proud.

These two are so lucky! I sure hope they stay best friends!

The little things certainly are the BIG things in the end. I find such joy in all the little funny and beautiful blessings that come with family life. There is a LOT of frustrating and HARD but it just makes the sweet stuff all the sweeter!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Easter and California

I am dumbfounded by my lack of blog keeping these days. I BELIEVE in record keeping. I feel that it is so important. And yet, this poor neglected blog does not reflect that feeling. I MUST do better. My priorities priorities have been my spiritual health, my children & husband, my home and my actual physical health. Sleep comes in somewhere there too. Its funny how you can rattle off priorities so easily but under each of those headings is a bunch of bullet points. "To do's" if you know what I mean.

Oh but I loved General Conference and Easter! I love all General Conference messages and I listen to them every chance I get. Scott and I took the kids to California 2 weeks ago and he and I watched all of the life stories of the prophets of the latter days as we drove. At one point several of the general authorities were commenting on the BYU Jerusalem sight and one of them said, "we decided that we would not take counsel from our fears but we would go forward in faith." I have repeated that phrase over so many times since hearing it. I tend toward fear as a general rule. I have bad dreams, I get anxiety, I check locks and seat belts and sleeping babies. Fear is my "go to". I have to work so hard to manage that frustrating aspect of my personality. But General Conference and the fact that I can listen to ANY talk from anyone at any time is a major blessing. Sometimes all it takes is the sound of President Hinckley's familiar voice, or President Monson's or any of those strong amazing women leaders to calm my heart and give me courage to NOT take counsel from my fears. I feel so safe in following their counsel. I love and sustain them.

We have been BUSY! ACK! Being busy bothers me so much. Kaden got a JOB a real job which has added a whole thing to our life. Branson finally wrapped up his gym season, Ella and Brylee started piano which I have been wanting to do for so long. And Cali thinks she is qualified to do EVERYTHING. She follows me around and ..."Mom, I do dat all by myself." Which she believes is true for everything including cooking, cleaning, laundry and driving the car. BUT we are heading into a season of less business and I am excited. We don't have any sports for the next month until swim goes into full swing and I am looking forward to some good time spent together with all of my kiddos around me.

I love time with my family! And since we had to go to California for Branson's meet we have decided that those meet trips will double as family vacations. I am so grateful for these times together!

Easter is my favorite holiday! I love spending the week teaching my kids about the Savior. Even though I have been learning about Him and trying my best to be like Him all of my life, I still don't understand all of it. I still avoid seeing or talking too much about His suffering, its just more than I can comprehend and it hurts me. I like to think of the risen Savior and how He overcame. I showed Cali a picture of Christ after His resurrection and she said, "Dat guy is so bright." He is and I am so glad that I can follow that bright light when everything else is darkness and feel its warmth when I need it. Which is always.

I love this and I am so thankful for the guidance of a living Prophet of God...