Monday, May 11, 2015

Laundry Miracle

This house hold produces a TON of laundry. So much, so so much. For all these years of being a mother and running the house I have done ALL the laundry single-handedly. I did all the washing, drying, folding, hanging and putting away. But earlier this year I about lost my mind in the amount of time I was spending doing laundry. It truly had begun to take over my life and discourage me. I was making life decisions based entirely around the laundry. I kid not. 

Should I go to lunch at the school with one of my kids, NO the laundry will get out of control.

Should I take Cali to park day, NO or else I will have to spend twice as long tomorrow doing the laundry.

See what I mean.

I had laundry induced depression and something had to give. In my prayers I started asking for ideas on how I could better manage my time and how I could feel less weighed down by the long list of chores (but mostly by the laundry). 

And the idea came. 

We have 8am church which leaves us with the entire afternoon open. Sunday afternoons are the only time that my whole family is home. Every other day of the week finds us all pulled in a million directions. I was skeptical but excited to try out my new idea. Instead of washing, drying, folding and putting away all of the clothes I just spent the week washing and drying...that's the easy part. When the clean clothes came out I threw them all onto my tiny little folding table in the laundry room. On Sunday after lunch and naps I called everyone up to the loft. I sent everyone to gather the empty hangers from their closets and then I dumped all the clean clothes from the entire week on the floor. 

They all about killed over when they saw the mountain of clothes. 

I explained that this was the amount of laundry that I did every week and that it was too much for one person to keep up with and I asked if they would help. First we attacked the pile and threw everyone's clothes into their own separate pile. Then we folded and folded and hung and worked, even Cali and Ella did a great job and listened carefully to my folding instructions. We kept at it until ALL the clothes, towels and blankets were folded and put neatly away. It was a miracle.

The next week we did it again only this time Branson plugged in our music speakers and played fun music the whole time. I am sure that some people would say that this is a terrible Sunday activity and that I shouldn't let my kids do "work" on the Sabbath. BUT, we are together, they are learning an important skill, we have a really good time and we accomplish something toward the good of the whole family. All these moths later my kids have become expert folders and we can get it all done in one hour. 

I LOVE Sunday folding time. 
Kaden and Branson laughing at Brylee as she sang the song "Popular" word for word perfect. 

A few Sunday's ago Branson gave our family prayer before we left to church, in it he said, "and bless us to have a good time folding clothes today."

Be still my heart.

And when we're all the done my laundry room is empty, the closets and drawers are full of clean clothes and the loft is all clean. 

Did I say that I LOVE Sunday folding time? 

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