Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sick Days

Two nights ago after everyone was tucked and loved and read to and bathed- I crawled into bed. I was halfway through my prayers when I heard the all-to-familiar sound of a child throwing up. I ran to find Cali whimpering and sputtering and completely burning with a fever. Ella followed soon after and I now have spent the last 2 days snuggling warm bodies, rubbing soft backs and watching a million cartoons.

I feel so sad for these two normally happy and busy little sisters. They are down and out big time. Yesterday, every time that Cali would start to cry in anticipation of another round of throwing-up, Ella would say soothing things like, "Its OK Cali, its OK, Mom is here." Then this morning as they settled back onto the couch for another day of cartoons and sippy's Cali said to Ella, "Will I feel better tomorrow?" Then Ella who can barley lift her head up says, "Cali, Mom is taking good care of us and so we will get better soon."

Makes me feel so glad that I chose a long time ago to BE HERE. I want to be the one "making things better". Its hard and its lonely and it can be thankless but when you have an inner assurance that there is nothing better to do with your time than Mother, you have the resolve to do it. No one can take care of my children and love them the way I can and I feel privileged to get to do it.

Throw-up bowls and throw-up in the beds included. (YUCK!)

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