Friday, July 31, 2015

Summers End

We left at three pm Saturday and pointed the car toward the lake. With only  a few hours of summer left to us we had to make it count. The lake was warm and breezy and we all paddled our selves out past the buoys and around the bend to the jumping rock . The first time all 7 of us have been there together.We jumped and cheered each other on and laughed and clapped for Cali who flew off that jumping rock like a brave paratrooper over and over. A near-by wasps nest was the only thing that kept us from jumping all night.

Later, Scott and I floated in the shallows with our little girls and watched our 3 big kids play king of the boat while the last of the sun sank behind the desert mountains. My heart felt full with happiness and love and also broken with the end of another summer.

The kids played this...

And we enjoyed this...

And then we drove home through the desert in the dark and stopped for treats near home. Kaden's friends called him a million times and I loved hearing him say with confidence, I cant hang out tonight, I am with my family. Not even a hint of regret in his voice.

I snapped a picture of my 5 happy kids just before packing up and all I could think was, all I care about in the whole wide world is right here. It was a good, happy, little slice of heaven day.

Sunday night brought a line-up of tender Father's Blessings, my favorite back to school tradition. "Courage" was what I chose to have as a kind of "school year" family theme and we talked after blessings about the courage to try, courage to try again, courage to reach out and courage to stand for whats right. I think I really love a one word, simple theme that packs a whole lot meaning in just a few letters.

Then morning came, just like I knew it would and I nearly died at how grown up these 3 looked as they turned their backs and headed out. Be still my heart.

And so I tell myself "Courage, Mama, courage". School year 2015-2016 I got you.

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