Friday, August 7, 2015

7th Grade Comparison

I have to stop every now and again and just take-in my big kids. They are turning into such fun and amazing people and they do it all while looking totally darling. Maybe I'm bias.

I was just admiring how beautiful and put together Brylee looks the other day before school when I remembered how incredibly bad I looked at that same age. Holy. Holy. Cow.

I looked absolutely ridiculous as a 7th grader. Huge bangs threatening to take flight at any moment. A uni-brow, weird teeth, over-sized T-shirts and a bad, frizzy perm in my chlorine bleached hair. Not to mention a general over-all feel of I just rolled out of bed. I mean my whole look was just this side of down right scary. I may have even had layered socks on in this picture, one red and one white making my ankles three times bigger than they actually were. Now there's a sophisticated look for adolescence. So much for inner beauty shinning through, I could have been as sweet as Mother Teresa-aint no amount of goodness getting through this disaster.

Good grief...

Brylee is a 7th grader and she looks like a super model...

I blame my Mother. I mean seriously Mom? You could have stopped me. But it makes for some good laughs around here so I guess you are forgiven and thank-goodness Brylee is making up for the atrocity of me as a 7th grader. Thank-you Brylee, you deserve a medal.

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