Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I have been reading some of my old blog post to the kids after our family night lesson. They love hearing these old stories from when they were little. Last night we had family night on my bed. (Monday nights I am SOOO tired--cleaning day, football game in 110 degrees, dinner, ect...)  and I just had to have FHE in my bed so I could collapse as soon as we spoke AMEN.

Anyway, I happened to read them two really funny posts regarding hilarious things that Ella had done and said as a toddler. She still is full of drama and she still says the most dramatic and hysterical things. The kids were laughing so hard, all rolling around on my bed and Ella really loved the little bit of extra attention.

My little beauty Ella turned 8 on Sunday. She had cousin Lauren over for the weekend which was really all she needed. But as a bonus Brylee and darling friend Kazzy gave them make-overs. We hit Bahama Bucks and had a birthday feast and the girls made a huge quilt fort to sleep in. Life could not have been happier for this little girl.

Now we are excited for the weekend that will bring Ella's baptism. She is ready. She knows what this decision means and she is happy and content. Be still my heart.

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