Monday, August 3, 2015

Gird Up Your Loins

(Dear Summer, I miss you.)

Is it at all over dramatic to say that with only one week of school completed I feel I must march around the house singing...

Gird up your loins! Fresh Courage Take!


Because seriously I have filled out 5 million sheets of "parent homework" and just why does the school need my address and email written out a zillion times? Is that info not already on file?? Why do my children need 5 trips to Walmart worth of school supplies and why is there like 14 different fees for each of my kids. I thought I paid a boat load of taxes to cover my kids "free American education". Not free, so not free.

I am tired and last week was tough. But it was also filled with tender mercies from Heaven. Always in my life the two go together. Sorrow and joy, angst and peace.

When all the first week stuff came to an end Friday night I crawled into bed and FINALLY slept. As it turns out stress and anxiety attack first and always my ability to sleep. So after a weekend of catching up on sleep and plenty of fresh courage I think I might make it another 8 weeks until October Break.

Gird up your loins Moms its only just begun.

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