Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Morning-WOW

I really should record my ridiculous schedule right now. For posterity sake. Hi there posterity.

I get up at 5am, I leave to go running at 5:15, I get back by 6ish, have prayers and scriptures with Kaden and then at 6:20 I drive him to school. As soon as I get home I get the other kids up and have scriptures and prayers with them. Then I get Ella dressed and ready and then I make breakfast for everyone. I also make any lunches that are needed for that day, sign homework and all that junk. At 7:30 I drive Ella up to school, usually after a "what shoes to wear debate" and a few minor crisis as Ella seems to have these about every 5 minutes. I rush home and help Brylee and Branson pack up their cheer/football bags and resolve any homework/teacher issues and find Branson's belt that is always lost. After seeing them off to the bus stop at 8 I rush home and get Cali cleaned up from her bed-head, breakfast on the face and sometimes in the hair-state of being. We pack her bag and then head off to pick up the other 4 pre-schoolers on our street and then by 9 I drop them all at school, only to go back and get them at 11:30.

I die.

I die every morning getting through this routine.

By the time Cali leaves, my house (especially the kitchen) is a bomb from the breakfast/lunch making frenzy of the morning. If I am lucky I can get the chores done and myself some what presentable before the 11:30 pick up but that's questionable. I use afternoons with Cali to run errands and work on Primary and take care of the menus and doctors appointments and dual enrollment forms and such. Except for Monday on which day I clean ALL DAY. I scrub all the bathrooms, mop all the floors, do all the dusting and vacuuming and laundry. It's a must but its a huge demand on both my time and my energy. The school kids are home again before I have caught my breath and then its the sports, piano lessons and church obligations. To say that I go to bed nearly dead is truth.

I say to Scott, Hun we are IN IT. I mean we are in the deep thickness of raising children. And then we give each other that look that soldiers in the battle field know, share a fist bump of resolve and we press on. Because we chose this. We BELIEVE in this and really-its a good life. We hit every age from high school, to junior high to elementary to pre-school and we ARE doing it. We may do it really bad on some days but we are still standing so I say its a win.

Remember the tree from "The Giving Tree" book, how she ended up nothing more than an old stump, but she was happy, yeah I totally get it now.

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