Thursday, September 17, 2015

Break Time

Ey-ey-ey! This first quarter of school has nearly done me in. I am counting the days now until October Break. If I wasn't too tired I would staple a paper chain together because I am looking forward to it like it was Christmas when I was 7.

Some of my friends and acquaintances and family have taken big trips with their husbands away from their kids recently. Just yesterday Scott and I were talking about this and we both looked at each other and busted up laughing. The idea that we could actually leave seems completely ridiculous. The list of "to do's" for the babysitter would be nigh unto solving the worlds hardest equation.

BUT we did get away for one glorious night a few weeks ago for our 17th anniversary. 17 years is a good run and we figured it needed at least 24 hours devotion. Sweet rest for the soul it was! My brother Josh and his wife Emily stayed over with the kids. When we got home the next day I told Scott that I had never had such a great experience leaving my kids. Emily acted like I had done her a favor by asking her, my whole house was clean including vacuum lines and the kids hadn't missed us one bit. It was a miracle.

Breaks are so important. Life is intense and demanding and it is so good to step away from time to time. This morning I saw a look of complete weight and heaviness on Kaden as he walked out to the car for A-hour. That boy, he is feeling too. He keeps a tough schedule and this quarter has been so hard. He has a huge swim meet today and tons of homework and I am so happy that October Break is finally in his sights. Even though he has 2-a-day swim practices for the whole break...uggg! But really could any Mother be more blessed than I am with this Dear Sweet Big Ol Teenager for a son? Here he is learning to drive..

Yesterday when I was getting through an editing job I clicked open a folder of pictures from the summer and found this sweet LOVE staring back at me.

Mom, I have a surprise for you...

Ta Da...

What I wouldn't do for these 5. I love them heart and soul...even though they make me tired they also make me happy.

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