Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life on the Roll

Does your camera roll on your phone tell the best stories? Mine does. I love to scroll through old photos and remember happy moments in time and relive the good memories.

Cali in the rain. So cute

One Saturday morning my dear friends Amy and Jaime and I were texting each other the ridiculous messes in our homes. Sometime its just nice to know you aren't alone in the struggle for a clean house!

Branson and Scott going over football plays. 

This was Cali's first day of pre-school. She hopped out of the car...

I made her stop for a picture, and....

See ya Mom! 

Branson is a 7th grader on a 7th and 8th grade football team. There are some boys that are bigger than Scott. Holy Cow. 

I LOVE watching Brylee cheer! It brings back so many great memories. I really really enjoy cheer and I love sharing my experience and knowledge of the sport with Brylee. 

Cali was just desperate to fly a kite. Finally we got a good wind storm and Branson took her out to get that thing in the air. It was a dream come true! 

Cute Ella at school. 

Oh happy day! Wal-Mart finally carries Biscoff. You are a little late to the game Wal-mart, a little late. 

The two sisters. Sigh. This is where they sleep every night. Right on the floor in our room and the one cant go without the other. What a joy sisters can be, I am so glad they have eachother. 

And speaking of sisters. Cousins are a close second. Not more than 6 months separates these little babes. So lucky to have built in best friends. 

One morning Brylee was getting her shoes on just before heading out to school. I couldn't take how stinking adorable she looked with her ripped jeans and cheer bow all ready for the pep-rally. She is growing up and sometimes I hardly recognize her. 

We had a fun FHE the other night with the jelly belly game. So many gross flavors so little time. Just as we were finishing off the last of the vomit flavor jelly belly's a giant monsoon came blowing through and the kids ran for their swim suits and had a great time playing in the rain. 

The other day Ella wore a very high bun and giant bow in her hair to school. When we got in the car to leave she also added to her ensemble a huge pair of giant, sparkly, blue sunglasses. On the way to school, I said, "Ella, I am pretty sure those shades are against dress code."  Then Ella looking all offended, "Why in the world would these be against dress code?" Me, "Well I think they would be a distraction." Ella, "Mom, these are not a distraction."  Me, "Also, you have them on upside down." Ella, "Um Yeah, because if I put them on the right way they fall down and then they would be a distraction.!" So off she went with her very high bun, giant bow and her huge sparkly sunglasses. 

Our school played cousin Belle's school. Rival school cousins are the best!

Big brothers are the best.

This make-shift bridge was for FHE the other night. After I cut it up, it was so hard to put back together that I had to take a picture just to keep track of where the pieces went. Clearly puzzles are not my thing.

I don't love everything about phones, internet and technology but I do love having a camera in my pocket. And I sure love the stories that camera helps me to remember.

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one of our favorite things to do is go through our phone photos with Grant! i love hearing him tell us what they are all about :)

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