Monday, September 28, 2015

Shells and Prayers

Oh I had a good time packing up with my two little girls and spending a few days at the beach. I feel like it healed a few things between Ella and I. Ella is a dramatic girl and that drama can sometimes get her into trouble. She tends to throw fits is what I am trying to say. She has the most tender and kind heart, she loves beauty, has a brilliant imagination and she is good at a lot of things but boy oh boy can she hang onto a fit like you wouldn't believe. Strong willed is putting it gently. I really wanted to be her friend on this trip and love her better than maybe I have been over the past few weeks of chasing my 3 big kids and their crazy schedules.

I am such a believer in Heaven's help in parenting. I feel entitled as a Mom to divine direction and counsel. I know that the Lord knows what to do in any tough situation and I know He wants to give me that information and inspiration. When I am doing a good job with my prayers and scriptures that Heavenly help seems to come so easily and I have come to rely on it so much.

One evening Cali, Ella and I were the last ones left down on the beach. All day all the kids had been finding awesome shells. They were hoarding them like little treasure hunters and then they would compare their collection and go back looking for more. The shells had become a hot commodity. The sun was setting making millions of broken shells,  that were scattered all along the edge of the water, glitter and shimmer against the sand. The waves would roll in and then the girls and I would do a quick hunt for good shells just when the water would pull back and reset for another round. I found a peach colored spiral shell and gave it to Ella. She loved it! She had that precious little shell squeezed tightly in her fist for quite a while and then-an unexpected wave washed in and pulled that little treasure out of her hand and swallowed it before we even had a chance.

And then the crying. Poor Ella cried with her whole heart for that shell. She wailed. Swore that she was staying right there on that beach until she found it and I believed her because well...strong will and all. I found a bunch more really great shells but nothing was working and then I went for the guilt by saying, can you please cheer up so that we don't end our fun day with crying? Still she persisted. Then as I felt myself starting to feel mad and frustrated with her I asked for help. A quick prayer for an idea that would turn her heart around and let us end on a happy note. And in a moment I knew what to do.

I told Ella I wanted to sing her a song about shells. I sang the whole first verse of Pearly Shells and then when I got to when I see them my heart tells me I love you, more than all those little pearly shells I pointed to all the shells on the beach and Ella leaned over and gave me a hug. There were no more tears, I told her that she was more special to me than all the shells in the whole ocean.

And she is. Heaven was not far.

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