Friday, October 23, 2015


Some advice for the children on two things that I have occupied my mind this week. The first is less important but it bugs me just enough to mention and the second is crucial:

One: I don't watch you guys every second of your lives. I think I have taught you well and loved you tons and so as long as you continue to deserve it you have lots of freedom. Dad and are are mostly home but once in a while we leave and you all do just fine without us for a few hours. But what in the world are you all doing to the couch when I am gone? Having 4 course meals and dropping most of it? Brushing the leftovers that could feed a hungry nation between the cracks? You see I moved the couch the other day and horror of horrors....

I mean what kind of people are we? We are storing weeks worth of crumbs and debris under the couch and its gross. I work so hard to keep our house clean, from an above the couch view one would never guess what is lurking beneath. Please at least get a plate when you choose to snack on the more giant handfuls of chips, popcorn and apparently trail mix, really guys its gross.

Two: There is nearly never a good reason to take a lone selfie. I cant stand that word and I cant stand the obsession that people have these days with photographing themselves. Don't spend time perfecting poses, or expressions or outfits. Spend your time thinking of others and looking for ways to lift them up. BE YOU. Don't be what you think will get the most "likes" on Instagram. You are the real deal. I know you, I have known you longer than any other human being on Earth and I know that you are AMAZING in REAL life because of what and who you are on the inside. I am so thankful that so far none of you have fallen into the social media/selfie trap. Keep it up! Fun fact about your Mom...I have never ever taken a lone selfie. Take pictures together, with and of others, make memories, have fun and definitely keep a record but watch out for the selfie bug!

So there you have it kids! A note on under couch cleanliness and a vital life lesson all in one.

You are so welcome!

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Denise said...

We went to that museum last week during our Fall break and Alma Zamira Palmer who tells the story is my 4x's great grandpa I think?? It was really fun!

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