Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beach Break

Whoever came up with the two week Fall Break deserves a kiss. Oh how we all needed a good long rest from the school week schedule. And oh how I needed to spend some time away with my people.

The whole first week of break we quite literally rested. Slept in, watched movies, ate snacks, swam in the pool, took naps and IT WAS AWESOME. So good to be off the schedule. Kaden still had swim practice twice a day but that was a cinch compared to the schedule that we usually keep.

Friday night we used our POGO passes and went to the Diamond Backs game. Scott and I used to be devoted faithful fans of the Diamond Backs. I kept their game schedule on my fridge and never missed a game on TV, one year Scott's work got season passes and we went to a ton of games. I haven't followed them in a few years but I still love to go to the games. We got KILLED by the Houston Astros, 23 to 5 and when Scott was explaining that we weren't winning to Ella she burst into tears and yelled, "now we are going to lose and Texas is going to brag!"

Bragging is the worst part of losing when you are a 2nd grader.

We stayed to the bitter end and really enjoyed the fireworks show after the game.

I spent the next two days listening to General Conference on my headphones, while I cleaned and packed and then we drove West to the Ocean. What a great feeling it is to have all my kids and Scott packed into the car. I love driving AWAY.

One reason we love California is because the beach is free and it is fun for all our different ages and personalities. All you need is shade, sunblock and a load of snacks and you are good for an entire day.

In the evenings we sat in the huge Jacuzzi near our room and I would nearly die of contentment and joy. It is so good to isolate the kids from all other friends and cousins sometimes, that way they become friends to each other and make memories together. And boy did they. Especially our older three who I dare say love each other more and more all the time.

And the younger two also...
Cali was a seagull the whole trip

Ezra Taft Benson said this and I love it...

Build family togetherness. Call your families together.  Establish family reunions where fellowship and family heritage can be felt and learned. Foster wonderful family traditions which will bind you together eternally. In doing so, we can create a bit of heaven right here on earth within individual families. After all, eternity will be but an extension of righteous family life. 

We are back to school and everything else now and we are feeling it. Already life has pushed us around and my heart has been aching with the hard stuff. The schedule is in full-steam-ahead mode and challenges seem to show up at every turn, but we have brownish suntanned shoulders, a new jar full of shells and good memories to keep us going. Life is so good and I feel so happy to be a mother and wife. And I still want to kiss whoever gave us a glorious two week break off of school. MMWAA!

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