Friday, October 2, 2015

Night Swim

For FHE on Monday we had a family swim and ate warm-fresh from the oven-chocolate chip cookies. Isn't FHE the best! I mean who in the world wouldn't love to have one night exclusively set aside to be together and eat a treat? 

So I am a huge baby about being cold. I am a desert rat through and through and my thin Arizona-born blood cant handle any level of cold. I decided that for me to get in I was going to have to get warmed up by playing the classic King of the Deck. Truthfully, I am pretty sure all three of my big kids could throw me in the pool at will but they went easy and somehow I ended up getting all three in. I am not sure what warmed me up more, all the running and pushing or all the laughing. 

There was races and breath holding contests and sliding and Branson and I played our game of him wrapping himself around the boogie board like a monkey and me doing whatever it takes to get him off. He is so ticklish that it doesn't take much. Scott loves to hug and kiss me in front of our kids purely for the reaction and the pool was a perfect chance for him to bug them with it. DAAAAAD! STOP! It gets them every time. Cali and Ella played pirates and mermaids and they got plenty of boat rides on the boogie board from the big kids. 

At the end of the night Branson was standing at the edge of the pool with me, I helped him wrap up in a big towel and then he said,

"Mom, do you know what would be the worst thing in the whole world?" and then he answered his own question, "to not have any brothers and sisters."

Aww Sweet Heaven, thanks again for stopping by. 

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Love it! So fun seeing you!

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