Friday, October 30, 2015

Tender Mercies-Sleep and TLC Edition

Sunday night I had a break down. I felt the hugeness of the week ahead of me and I felt like I might drown. So much to do, so many needs and details and responsibilities to take care of and I wasn't sure I was up for the task. After going to bed I had one of those familiar, toss-turn, toss-turn MORNING! type nights. I wasn't surprised, stress and anxiety attack my sleep big time and since I am already a light and sensitive sleeper stress can mean zilch sleep for me. No surprise there but it certainly didn't help the feeling of panic I already had going into the week.

And true to my expectations this week has been nigh unto insanity, so I have hardly sat down and barely slept and last night as dinner time approached I was feeling it. Feeling IT! My throat felt dry and scratchy, my bones felt achey and my muscles felt tense and tired. I wanted to cry. At 8;30 we were still waiting on a Young Women's assignment to get finished up and still finishing homework but I was done, completely spent so I crawled into bed with kids still up and lights still on. Ella was standing next to me asking me questions as she did her math worksheet and in my foggy over-tired brain I was trying to add and subtract and help her finish. It felt like the 2nd grade math was physically hurting me. Math, Dude, why do you have to be such a pain!? 

While I laid there with my eyes shut I could tell things were finally winding down in the house. Branson had checked all the locks and came in my room to say good night, he sat down on the side of the bed for a few minutes and began rubbing my feet. I almost cried at the relief. Then Ella joined in and rubbed my other foot and when Kaden came in to say good night he gave me his classic 2 minute shoulder rub that is to-die-for. I mumbled a desperate thank-you as they filed out and then I whispered a quiet prayer that I would be able to sleep-its all I had left in me.

At 5 am I rolled over and looked at the clock and realized that for the first time that I can remember I slept an entire night through. I slid out of bed and knelt down to pray and I could tell that all of the pain, acheyness and tired from the night before had lifted. Tonight is our huge ward/neighborhood Halloween party that my Primary Presidency and I have been planning and working on for the last month, its a big under taking and I really could not have finished today without rest. Tender Mercies can literally flood into our lives when we need them. My angel kiddos being so instinctively tender like they just knew I needed a little special care and a good nights rest have made everything right in the world.

Prayers are answered, help is available, relief comes and tender mercies abound if we will only take a minute to notice them.

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