Monday, November 2, 2015

Gratitude Day 1 and 2

I really believe way down in my soul that a thankful life is a happy life. I have always wanted to post everyday of November something I am thankful for but I have never followed through and guess what?? I am already behind this year because today is November 2nd! Akk. Oh well two things I am grateful for today wont hurt right?

Yesterday I sat down to write that I was so thankful that Halloween and all that goes with it is over for another year! Hallelujah and Glory Be! I know it is all so fun for the kids but my Presidency is in charge of our neighborhood/ward Halloween Party and it is a load of work for me. It all turned out so amazingly and everyone seemed to have a really good time so it is all worth it but MAN was I pooped by the time it was all done.
My amazing Primary Presidency. These girls worked their tails off!

And then to get through all the family festivities the very next night. This morning it felt so good to put away all the costumes and decorations and know that I have a whole year off before Halloween comes again. Yay!
Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Our kids were like, who the heck is Lois Lane??

Vegas Show Girl...I mean a red robin. (Haha!)

The thing I am most grateful for today is my early mornings with Kaden. I always try to do some kind of scripture devotional with him while he eats since we really don't have time to do a full scripture study. All week he has been expressing feelings of frustration. He has worked so hard this swim season and has even been complimented several times by his coaches on his work ethic. And yet his swim times have hardly bumped all season. He also has been striving to get straight A's. Kaden has 6 academic classes plus seminary but all of them are honors even his elective is Honors Engineering and requires a lot of time and effort. He has all A's except English. He just cant seem to pull his B to an A. He works so hard and talks with his teacher and time and time again his papers come back lower than he hoped. He has been pretty down about these two issues and has said to me, "I am working so hard and its just not paying off."

Last night as I went to bed I was going over and over Kaden's problem in my head and trying to figure out what I could say or do that would encourage him. I turned on a conference talk and in part of the talk the speaker used the scripture from D&C 64. I noticed it because its one of my favorites. When that talk ended I still hadn't fallen asleep so I turned on another one and the same scripture was mentioned again and that's was when I finally got the message. This was exactly what I needed to say to Kaden. So early this morning after I had made him some warm waffles I pulled out my scriptures and told him that I had thought and prayed about his problem and that I had an idea to go over with him. I read him this...

33Wherefore, be not weary in welldoingfor ye are laying the foundation of 
great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.
 34 Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and willing mind...
I explained that the Lord doesn't require a certain swim time or a certain grade He just requires the heart and a willing mind and Kaden certainly has those two things nailed. I also told him that all his "well doing" is laying a strong unmovable foundation. I am so proud of the man Kaden is becoming and I am so thankful for those early EARLY mornings when all is quiet in the world and I get him all to myself. 

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