Monday, November 16, 2015

Gratitude Day 14, 15 and 16

I wrote the last three posts in my head so now its time to get them written for reals. In my defense, I spoke in church yesterday. I also gave our Sharing Time lesson in Primary and I had Priesthood Preview last night. Not to mention mothering 5 kids. Plus Cali's play date, that I was desperately counting on, was canceled making last week as a whole--completely crazy. But whewww...we made it. Now for a 3 part thankful post for day 14, 15 and 16 and then off to do 5 hours of Monday cleaning. ITS A MUST!

Saturday I was able to take my two little girls and spend a few hours at my parents house. Later as I was finishing preparing my Sacrament meeting talk, which was on the blessings of fulfilling our callings, I wrote this:

I am so grateful to have grown up with parents that taught me by example to fulfill callings to the best of my ability, I saw the joy they had in their callings and a seed was planted in my heart that has always stayed with me.

I am grateful for my parents. I am thankful for each of the good things I have learned from them.

Like I said on Sunday I spoke, gave sharing time and worked with the Priesthood to put on our Priesthood Preview meeting. I just cant say how thankful I am for church work and for callings. Dallin H Oaks said,

The gospel of Jesus Christ challenges us to become converted. It teaches us what we should do, and it provides us opportunities to become what our Heavenly Father desires us to become. The full measure of this conversion to men and women of God happens best through our labors in His vineyard. … 

I cant imagine trying to develop all the Christ-like attributes that I want such as compassion and sacrifice without church work. Because members of the church are never paid for their church work it gives us a unique opportunity to serve and sacrifice in a way that ends up blessing our lives beyond measure. Its the genius and inspired way of the Lord and I love it. 

Today I am thankful for my home and for my ability and opportunity to take care of it. For as long as I have been a Homemaker (17+ years) I have used Monday to clean my house. Let me tell you that by Monday morning this place is a Frat House. The mess of food, clothes, weekend activities, little girl art projects, friends, homework and the disaster of getting all 7 of us to 8am church is momentous. 

It is so much work to get through all the bathroom scrubbing, floors, vacuuming, straightening and dusting but I am thankful that I have a home and that I have a healthy body that allows me to keep it. I am also so grateful that I have a sense of passion and duty about being a Homemaker that lets me see the sometimes mundane work of it as a divine privileged. I am so honored. 

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