Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gratitude Day 24

I am thankful for humor. This morning (like many mornings) the twins were at the table finishing homework. Things were a bit tense (like many mornings) and Brylee was about to quit life altogether over a word problem. (which is a completely valid reason to quit life). I made a comment about how politically correct word problems are these days, where the names of the people in them are from cultures the span the world. (Tiamat, Chiyuta, LaFonda, Rashad, Danuta). Then Scott made up his own word problem and added in his own names and even an accent plus combined all that with ridiculous math calculations and I nearly died of hysteria. I literally had to lean on the kitchen counter and hold my gut--I couldn't even see through the laugh tears dripping down my face. MAN it feels good to laugh really really hard sometimes.

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