Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gratitude Day 3

I like running. I really like running with a friend. In the last few weeks my running friends have started to drop off one by one. Pregnancies, moves, schedules that don't match up and now all of a sudden I am a lone runner. Its a huge bummer. But today I got all of the kids off to school (you know the 4 and a half hour morning schedule) cleaned up the morning bomb and headed off on a solo run. No phone, no chit chat just me and my thoughts, the clear blue sky, cool breezy air and the hymns of Zion humming in my ear. It was lovely. Now that the weather has finally cooled I can really enjoy having an hour to myself while I run. I think it really is good for the soul to be alone now and again and today I really needed it.

Yesterday was Ella's fun run. She killed it once again coming in first for the girls. Today I am most thankful for cooler weather, a healthy body, a solo run and Ella who is going to make a great running partner one of these days.

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