Friday, December 18, 2015

My Little Friend

In the kitchen...

On cleaning day...

At the store...

So glad I get to spend such a big amount of one on one time with this little Love. I had a busy stressful day on Sunday. And then when I got home things were hectic and chaotic and I felt over loaded with everyone's needs, messes and issues. My head was bursting and I didn't even have a second to sit down. I told Scott that I was going for a 10 minute drive to decompress a bit and that I would be right back. Just then Cali called out..."I'm coming too! Then Ella said, "No Cali, Mom will be right back." And Cali responded, "No, Mom loves me to go with her because I am her special girl."

Certainly cant argue with that.

Today I am helping at Ella's class party and then we will be FREE for Christmas break. Heavenly choirs of angels are singing in my ears because school is FINALLY out. Now maybe I wont have stupid dreams where book reports, class projects and finals are haunting me and giving me heart burn.  I cant wait to have all of the kids home to join me and Cali and celebrate Christmas and eat lots of treats. Fun!

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