Thursday, December 10, 2015

Temple Lights

When I was a younger Mom I felt like it was really important to get all of us looking extra cute when we were going out or getting together with friends and family. Hair done, clothes clean and coordinated if at all possible. Things are different now. Sure I'd really love it if we were all put together perfectly before we walked out the door but with 7 schedules to keep up with I am usually just happy if we actually get out the door at all. Last night we met up with Scott's side of the family for our yearly visit to the Mesa Temple lights. My kids love this tradition and they look forward to it year after year. We start by eating together at Pete's, then we see the lights then we meet up at the cars after for hot chocolate and doughnuts.

Branson and Scott came straight from football practice, Brylee and I straight from the orthodontist and Ella straight from piano lessons. I hardly gave anyone's clothes or hair a second thought before rushing out the door. I just grabbed my camera, the doughnuts and hot chocolate supplies and ran for it. When I looked at the pictures I realized how disheveled and day-worn we all look but you know what? We were there, we were together, we followed through on a tradition that our kids love and we spent the evening at one of my most favorite places--so the ragged pigtails and old make-up probably don't matter all that much.

The kids ran all crazy with their cousins and to tell you the truth it stressed me out because I didn't want them to bug everyone around them but then we stopped in to see the Presentation of the Christis Statue and Cali just gazed up with such sweet reverence and love that all the craziness melted away...

I am grateful my kids have cousins to be crazy with, I am grateful that we have family close by, I am grateful for traditions and for the Temple. I am glad that when I am there under all those millions of Christmas lights I feel close to my Grandpa West who spent many many years heading up the temple lights and hanging the highest palm branches with lights while strapped into a cherry picker. Maybe someday we'll be picture perfect but for now I'll take things just the way they are.

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