Friday, January 1, 2016


Christmas in a little nut shell because I am ready to move on...

Cali had her Christmas program for pre-school. It was so funny. Her sweet teacher Miss Ashley did a fantastic job getting the kids ready. All of us have watched the videos I took of her songs, a million times, and laughed our guts out. When it was over I was glad to check one more thing off the "end of the year" list. Wheww!

Our favorite Christmas tradition is the Heywood Christmas Eve program. Most the little girls want to wear one of the pretty white dresses and be an angel for the nativity. But Cali--no. She REALLY wanted to be a sheep and she stayed in character the whole time.

The bells, 12 days of Christmas around the piano, Christmas PJ's and then home to bed.

I took a million random photos on Christmas morning but I really like this one.

I LOVE Christmas but I LOVE New Year too. New beginnings are the best and  I am ready. I love President Hinckley's advice to "Try a little harder to be a little better." The Lord doesn't care so much about where we are at but more about our direction. As long as we are a little better each day or each year,  I think He is pleased.

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